HR Consulting

Our experiences in Human Resource Development confirm that most business industries struggle to align organizational structure, leadership strategies, and workforce productivity. Therefore, it is the LBD Firm’s primary focus to motivate organizations to confront these difficulties, in order to build a competitive edge for future revenue opportunities.

The LBD Firm seeks to assist organizations by working with owners, supervisors, and employees on creating a customized approach that can effectively bridge personnel gaps within an organization. LBD Firm is an advocate for fostering change and increasing performance behaviors organization wide, by aligning an organization’s practices with both its mission and vision to establish cohesion across the board.

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  1. Assist organizations with establishing and/or improving efforts towards human capital value, budget control, conflict resolution, training & development, employee satisfaction, performance improvement, and sustained business
  2. Build and establish policy and procedures to align organizational structure (including handbook)
  3. Provide the best HR practices and perform needs analysis to enhance leadership strategies and increase workforce productivity