LBD Firm Pop-Up Shop | PULSE New Haven Event

Don’t miss the opportunity to speak with @LBDFirm tomorrow September 20, 2018, District New Haven 5:30pm -8:00pm. We’ll be doing on the spot resume reviews, mock interviews, LinkedIn recommendation and much more. Check us out!


Are Your Goals Focused?

Are your goals clear? 🤔🤔🤔

Make the Days Count

Visit to learn more about our Career Navigation, Human Resources Consulting, and Staff Training & Development services. @lbdfirm is here to help you reach your definition of professional success.


Be The Change! -Lebron James I Promise School

Be the change you want to see! Great work @Kingjames and all involved.

Don’t Give Up!

Don’t miss your 2018 miracle! Visit to learn how we can assist in your miracle discovery.

Congrats to the Collab New Haven #PitchDay Presenters!

#CollabPitchDay was pretty awesome! Truly enjoyed learning about other entrepreneurs in the New Haven area. Can’t wait to get @LBDfirm in the mix for the fall. #LBDFirm

Are You Committed?

lbdfirm🚫No excuses, only results!

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Take a listen to our recent interview 

“You Ain’t Got No Job, Tommy!” This was a transparent and honest discussion. Thanks, @tyneetalks for the invite. @lbdfirm enjoyed sharing valuable career tips and tools.